Scaling back and shifting focus

Posted on Monday, May 21, 2018

Nine annual productions, more than $10,000 raised for charity and awareness raised for critical causes, such as R U OK Day.

We’ve had a fantastic 10+ years at FDC, but as our team has scaled down in recent years we’ve made the necessary decision to scale back our operations and shift our focus.

As such, we will be taking an extended break and won’t be running our regular season of workshops and annual production in 2018. Going forward, we will operate as a project-based dance company.

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed, supported and been a part of FDC since we began back in 2007.

FDC has provided a platform and opportunity for adult dancers that’s otherwise hard to find anywhere else. We’ve made lifelong friendships, and together, created brilliant pieces of work.

While our success has, and will continue to, rely on the dedication of many people as a fully volunteer-run company, a special shout out must be made to our exceptional founder, Jane Khoo.

Without Jane, FDC and its success to date would simply not have been possible. So thank you Jane from the bottom of our hearts for the enormous amount of time and energy (blood, sweat and tears!) that you have put into establishing FDC and keeping it going so professionally and fantastically. We’re really proud of what you, and FDC collectively, have achieved and provided for dance-lovers all over Melbourne.

As always, please continue to reach out if you have a project opportunity or wish to get involved in the running of FDC. Our doors remain open and our dancing shoes ready to go.