chrisdowdChris Dowd – Photography

Chris’s professional career includes working as an analytical chemist, a maths and science teacher and a trainer in the pharmaceutical industry. As a professional photographer, he completed a diploma of photo imaging and is the director of Chris Dowd Photography.

“I volunteer my services because it gives me the opportunity to hone my skills capturing the fluid movements and freezing moments in time that the naked eye cannot see. This creative collaboration with passionate, talented dancers and choreographers is very rewarding and, together, we have made some wonderful images both in the studio and on location.” – Chris

Chris is an award winning member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and the Institute of Photographic Technology. He shoots a wide range of subjects including architecture, product and corporate portraits, sports events, editorial as well as models and dancers. Chris’ recent dance work includes photography for Melbourne Ballet Company (2013 Calendar), Flare Dance Company, Flare Dance Ensemble, Studio Kiki, Dancebeinit and portfolios for professional dancers.

Chris’ association with Flare Dance Company started from the Company’s establishment in 2007, and the collaboration has continued every year since, shooting promotional shots, posters, rehearsals and sometimes performances. Chris has also worked closely with the talented Des McMillan, director of Lensart Photography at his studio in Ormond.

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luissatchLuis Satch – Videography

“Volunteering with FDC gives me a great feeling of belonging and being useful for my community.” – Luis

Luis joined Flare Dance Company in 2013 as a videographer and started dancing with the Company in 2014. He says not only was it rewarding to produce an artistic video with great dancers, but it was also an opportunity to collectively contribute to ‘R U OK day’ to fight depression.



Govind Pillai

Govind began dancing at the age of 7, specialising in Bharatanatyam, a style of Classical Indian Dance. He is drawn to the intricate rhythms, footwork, and lyrical aspects of this ancient art. For the last 5 years, Govind has been a lead male dancer with the not for profit Samskriti Dance Company (Sydney). He has performed at festival line-ups such as the National Multicultural Festival (Canberra). Govind is also a passionate solo performer, who has choreographed and performed solo works for festivals and community dance events such as the Fine Arts and Cultural Themes Festival (Sydney). Govind is the Melbourne dance correspondent for Sydwhaney, a popular Classical Indian Arts website. Govind enjoys exploring how diverse dance styles and cultures can be blended to create new and innovative work. Govind is also a Management Consultant working with a Melbourne-based consulting firm. Govind was previously Vice-President of FDC for three years and is now the Director of Karma Dance Inc.


Sarah Evans

After completing her Advanced 2 RAD at Sydney’s North Shore Dance Academy, Sarah underwent her full-time dance training at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts where she performed works by renowned Australian and International choreographers. Sarah has taught and choreographed at numerous studios across Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, has attended dance conferences around the world and thrives on working with motivated dancers and creating unique contemporary choreography. In 2011, her choreography won her the “People’s Choice Award” at Western Sydney Dance Action’s Fast + Fresh and in 2013, her work was selected for the Gala performance at Melbourne’s Short + Sweet Dance Festival. Sarah’s choreography has been aired on Channel Ten’s Dance of Champions and in 2014 she was shortlisted to choreograph for the television series So You Think You Can Dance. Sarah joined FDC in 2013 and was Associate Artistic Director in 2014.