Upcoming Production

  • Dancer

    ORBIT – 10th annual production

    13 and 14 October 2017

    Flare Dance Company presents its 2017 production and 10th season, ORBIT, an odyssey of contemporary dance works which travels across our solar system, exploring the elements, mythology, symbolism, and interpretations behind each planet. This production is a collaborative work between six resident choreographers: Shihoko Pearson, Matilda Slatter, Dominique Mulhane, Elena Osalde, Elizabeth Porter, Jasmine Tremblay; […]

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Past Productions

  • Portrait

    Flare Dance Company premiered its 2016 production and 9th season, PORTRAIT: a collaborative work between six choreographers: Shermaine Heng, Elizabeth Kerr, Kaela Isley, Elena Osalde and Hannah Rushton-Smith, and guest choreographer Meah Velik-Lord. PORTRAIT featured a choreographic journey in which we attempt to find authenticity through movement and life experiences. CHARITY PARTNER Flare Dance Company was proud to be […]

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  • Continuum

    Our 2015 production, Continuum, explores the notion of process – a series of actions that our mind and body will visit, address and build upon.

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  • i Am

    Flare Dance Company’s 2014 season features seven original contemporary dance works by emerging Melbourne choreographers. i AM takes an introspective look at the concept of self, by exploring the links between narrative and life. A sense of self reflects on our past and present selves as well as our possible selves, or who we might become. […]

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  • The World’s A Stage

    Employing an inclusive approach to contemporary dance inspired by a variety of dance styles FDC’s 2013 season “The World’s A Stage” explored the idea that everyone has a role to play and a story to tell and these stories can be told through dance on stage. Our most ambitious production to date featured 21 original dance works […]

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  • Fused

    Flare Dance Company’s 5th season celebrates the diverse and united company which we have become over the past six years. Fused is a collection of eight dance works that pull apart, and re-connect, the multi-coloured world we live in.  Employing an inclusive approach to contemporary dance inspired by a variety of dance styles, Fused explores the idea that […]

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  • Headlines

    FDC’s 2011 production Headlines demonstrated how the company had matured. Headlines presented a collection of 13 short works inspired by the sensational world of news and journalism. Through a variety of dance styles and a cast of 50 dancers, Headlines peered beneath the surface and explores between the lines of the everyday news stories that dominate our lives. […]

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  • Reflections

    Part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Reflections showcased 16 new works by the company’s nine choreographers and 30 amateur dancers and also presents works by four guest artistic groups. With an emphasis on contemporary dance, the works will draw inspiration from a broad spectrum of dance forms and cultures, including classical Indian, lyrical jazz, latin dance […]

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  • In Essence

    Flare Dance Company’s second stage production In Essence explored two main themes – the celebration and jubilance associated with dance, as well as the darker feelings of forbidden love, heartbreak, grief and loneliness. The show presented 15 original works of a variety of dance styles. Supported Charity: Alzheimer’s Australia Artistic Direction: Jane Khoo Choreographers: Delphine Sinclair, […]

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  • Metamorphosis

    Flare Dance Company’s inaugural stage production Metamorphosis presented 13 works of diverse dance styles, including lyrical, jazz, classical ballet and contemporary dance. Proceeds from the production supported Autism Victoria. Artistic Direction: Jane Khoo Choreographers: Delphine Sinclair, Alana Pryor, Jane Khoo, Lil Martin, and Christine Manton  

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