Production Team Volunteers

Being a volunteer is a rewarding experience as you get the opportunity to make a valued contribution to the community, make new friends, learn new skills and share your ideas.

FDC provides you the chance to interact with like-minded people and make a real difference to our cause. If you are interested in volunteering in a non-dancing role, in particular technical aspects, our stage production will provide you with the chance to gain practical experience and hone your skills. Being involved will help realize the visions of our artistic director and choreographers within constraints of technical possibility.
FDC seeks volunteers for the following roles:

•    Technical Expertise (e.g., lighting, sound, videography)
•    Marketing and Promotion (e.g., publicity, graphics design, photography)
•    Front of House / Ushers
•    Costume Design and Production
•    Musicians / Composers

If you would like to volunteer for FDC or would like to find out more information before committing yourself, please contact us.